Whois Skouperd

Welcome to my humble website, most people ask me where the name Skouperd (Skoups for short) came from. Well, read on to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The name Skouperd comes a long way, oh yes a very long way, all the way from my school days. It happened on a hot Saturday while we were playing a cricket match. I was facing the bowler when I suddenly realized my left pad was coming loose, and, before I was able to withdraw from the shot the bowler had already delivered the ball. Now, with the constant fear of knowing that my pad is loose and my legs unprotected I had no choice but to hit the ball. The batsmen on the other end did not realize what was going on and he started running… You needless to say can imagine how it must look if you are trying to run with a pad that is flapping behind you…

Well, I guess I invented a new running style just there, something identical to what you will see from a “show-pony”; and to answer your question, yes, I was run out… My real name is actually Denis Dell, but if we meet somewhere in Cyber space you will recognize me by my nick.

Ok, so who is Skouperd really? Well I work as a credit risk consultant, used to be in banking for over 10 years. I was introduced to PC’s at the age of 7 and bought my first PC when I was 9 years old (you can imagine how much grass I had to cut to afford that one.) I created my first and only virus – crashing the school’s computers – at the age of 12, (I will not suggest that to anyone… I can still remember my principal to this day….). I then sold my first program to that very same school, at the age of 13, for a lousy 50 bucks. Though I’m not into programming any more, I still spend at least 60 hours a week in front of computers. So should you have any queries regarding PC’s, pass it on, I love solving problems.

Apart from computers my other hobbies consist of golf (ex-single digit handicapper), squash, and scuba diving, (I no longer play cricket, duh wonder why…), am a member of Mensa and read anything I can get my hands on.

Well, now that you know who I am, I would appreciate learning who you are and what type of info you will like to see on here.

Kind regards

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