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Networking a house

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Ver2.1 I was recently asked to comment on designing and building a home network.  Most of the articles you will find on the internet originate from America and tend to favor either multi-million rand properties, or wooden cabins, neither which … Continue reading

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Introduction Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, better known as RAID has been in existence for several years. The reasons why most people would consider using RAID is that they need faster data transfer speed from the drives, require redundancy, need … Continue reading

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Asus Sabertooth meet Seagate Cheetahs

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ASUS Sabertooth, X58, i7-950, SAS Cheetahs and SSD Nova The following build was commissioned for the purpose of doing video editing. The system will be used in a production environment with stability, uptime and performance being vital. The end users … Continue reading

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Rampage III Gene, i7-950@4Ghz and a GTX470 build

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The following is a build done with the requirement that the PC should be capable to last for, and play games for at least 3 to 4 years.  The system should be stable, and the end user doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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Skoups 2008 Logic Puzzle

This puzzle does have a unique solution and it can be solved using nothing more than logic. In order to get you started, I’ll go through one or two questions, and show you the logic that can be applied to … Continue reading

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